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name:  Alex

age:  32

about me:  

Communication and business development professional

I like this town and I consider it one of the best in the country for living, having enough opportunities for business and life!

love/hate bucharest:  

LOVE: I love the old districts, walking in the evening, after rain. I like summer nights on a terrace with cool people, listening to good music.

HATE: I hate the traffic generated by a bad public transportation system, the beggars and the “manelists” (“manele” listeners, bad taste people) in the old centre of Bucharest. I am irritated by the absence of the bicycle tracks and by the stupidity of the local administration.

my Bucharest guide:  

FOOD: I like to eat at La Bone Bouche because it has a decent French menu, good wines and the place looks good and it is intimate. The Grenadine restaurant is a Lebanese-fusion where I feel good, the food overrides the classic Lebanese and they serve alcohol! When I’m in the mood for Romanian traditional food I definitely go to La Cocosatu, in Baneasa area, for the best “mici” in town (traditional grilled spicy minced meat) or to Terasa Doamnei , near the National Bank. For an excellent lunch with a good price I go to a Lebanese restaurant behind “1 Mai” market, Beirut – good food but no alcohol! In the same area you can also find La Catalin, Romanian traditional – a lot of food and good prices.

DAY: I like to walk in Cismigiu Park during the work days and in the evening, to avoid the crowd of the weekend. You can drink a beer at one of the terraces there, without a special recommendation. At the end you go there for the park, not necessarily for the beer, but the place itself is worthy. For a chill wine or a beer I go to Green Hours, the coolest place in town where you can listen to jazz or see a theatre play. In the summer, on the terrace at Green, it happens sometimes to forget about yourself. You can even take a pizza… It is a place with a very “cultural” atmosphere, frequented by actors, musicians, students and quality people. There it is organized in the summer the only jazz club festival in the country. Weekly there are concerts, theatre plays or exhibitions. Another place I like is Café Verona (inside Carturesti bookstore), another place were I profitably spend my time (and money!), probably the best bookshop in Romania… The café is situated at the underground level and in the summer a big, green terrace opens nearby. Some can eat pretty well here and the bar is also well garnished. The place is big and has a good position, right near Gradina Icoanei Park, so many people gathers there and the atmosphere is nice. A nice place for wine lovers (which are smokers too) is Bruno Wine Bar having a lot of Romanian and foreign sorts of wines. Small, intimate and nice, you can find here a person who can tell about every wine they have! In the summer they also have a small terrace. It is advisable to call first and book a table! As we got in the “Old Centre”, I would also like to mention Van Gogh Café, situated in a very impressive building, also having a wine bar. The last but not the least: Clubul Taranului at MTR, a place with a cool terrace, also usable in the winter and where you can also eat pretty well.

NIGHT: Control Club for long alternative nights, Absintherie Sixtina for the quality drinks and the abnormal conversations!

SHOPPING: I’m not into shopping; I only try to buy the things I need.

CULTURE: It is delightful to go to any theatre in Bucharest, especially at Odeon, an old theatre full of personality. I don’t like the multiplex cinemas so I go to the classic cinema in the centre: Patria, Studio, Scala, Elvira Popescu (at the French Institute), Cinemateca Union, NCRR at MTR (Romanian Peasant Museum).

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: Walking in Dorobanti St. area, on the streets named after the capital cities (Paris, Roma, etc) you can see samples of Romanian architecture from before and between Wars; the area behind the House of People (Parliament Palace), towards George Cosbuc flowers market – Gradina Uranus has a distinctive charm, from the beginning of the industrial age.