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name:  Dana

age:  34

about me:  


I like to go to the theatre, to sleep, to take trips and sometimes to work.

love/hate bucharest:  

LOVE: What I like about Bucharest is that I can go to the theatre and eat well.

HATE: I dislike the dirt and the crowd.

my Bucharest guide:  

FOOD: One of my favourite restaurants is Balthazar, for the excellent fusion menu, the interior design and for the terrace. Another favourite restaurant is Zen Sushi, as I like the Japanese food, it’s close from where I live and they also do home deliveries.

DAY: Walks in Carol park with my kid, terraces in the Old Centre.

NIGHT: I don’t go out at night anymore. Back in the old days I was a big fan of Fire Club for the rock music and the cheap beer.

SHOPPING: Dada exclusive fashion store.

CULTURE: Pallady Museum (Melik House), Romanian Peasant Museum, Bulandra Theatre, Odeon Theatre and the National Theatre.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: The areas with old houses, especially Gradina Icoanei area.