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name:  Green Hours

address:  120 Calea Victoriei, Bucharest

phone:  +40 788 452 485

description:  Jazz club with summer garden, cultural events


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23.08, 8.00pm jazz concert Curtainbust

Eddie Jak Neumann >>>> sax

Jimmy Cserkesz >>>> guitar

Michael Acker >>>> bass

Ovidiu Condrea >>>> drums

Group formed in 2009 around the sax player Eddie Jak Neumann that brought together the most powerful and creative musicians of the moment.

entrance fee: 28lei (less than 7 euros)

24.08, 8.00pm Balkan funk concert La Marche - Zickenumpa

Andreas Aigner >>>> accordion, melodica

Marten Köhne >>>> piano, percussion

Thomas Strauch >>>> bass, vocal

Torsten Schlauß >>>> drums

Franz Stahl >>>> baritone sax, alto sax, vocals

Uwe Herbst >>>> clarinet, vocals

Thomas Ehrenberg >>>> guitar, vocals

Lea Winkler >>>> trombone, vocals

Tim Jürgens >>>> technique, conducting

Franziska Böhnke >>>> photo, social networking

Formed in Frankfurt (Oder) La Marche is restlessly traveling Europe since 2002. Musically they see no borders, but one goal they have: Make the people dance, dive in to the music and forget about time and space.

entrance fee: 23lei (5 euros)