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What is there to see in Bucharest?

Bucharest was once called the Little Paris. Historical monuments and beautiful old houses in the central part of the city still remind of that era. There are some interesting palaces and churches, browse our Monuments section for details.

What is there to visit in Bucharest?

If you are interested in discovering the Bucharest culture, there are a lot of museums to visit, from Arts to History. Go also to Casa Poporului (People’s House) if you feel you should. If not, try instead the contemporary art galleries in Bucharest, you will love them!

Are there any cultural events in Bucharest?

Luckily, you will find plenty of them, from music, film and dance festivals to art shows happening every week. There are also all sorts of urban culture events that you will find particularly interesting.

What is the specific of Bucharest architecture?

Bucharest has an eclectic architecture, structured on chaotic layers which make it interesting and somehow bizarre – the contemporary architecture is coexisting and sometimes overlapping the old nineteenth century, modern between-wars, Stalinist baroque, Art Deco etc.

I only stay in Bucharest for one day, what cultural sites can I visit?

Sightseeing is then the most appropriate; you can take the Bucharest City Tour official bus and stop once in a while when a monument draws your attention or just walk in the city centre, between Gradina Icoanei Park, Cismigiu Park, Armenian Church and the Old Town (Old Centre) of Bucharest.

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