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Are there any fashion fairs in Bucharest?

Check our event page; they usually happen at different venues quite often, gathering fashionistas and young fashion designers, as well as vintage and accessories.

I want to buy some Romanian designer fashion clothes in Bucharest

We recommend browsing our Designer recommendations, for a special shopping experience, Romanian designer boutiques and showrooms as well as fashion concept stores.

Are second hand and vintage shops to be found in Bucharest?

Bucharest has a lot of vintage and second-hand shops, and you sometimes pay for the weight of the items, so you can find cool stuff at incredible low prices. We recommend the area of Stefan cel Mare St., between Obor metro station and Viitorului St.

Can I find shops opened in Bucharest on Sundays?

Most of the shops are usually opened on Sundays, mainly by 2 pm.

Is there any shopping mall in Bucharest?

Yes, Bucharest has quite a few shopping malls, commercial centres and outlets. Browse our Malls section for addresses and details.

It is very late. Can I find a Bucharest grocery store opened at night?

There are some non-stop grocery stores in every Bucharest neighbourhood, within a walking distance. Just look for the NON-STOP sign.

Is there any bio market in Bucharest?

Well, there are traditional markets where peasants from the villages near Bucharest sell their fruits and vegetables, it is quite authentic. You can also find fancier bio and eco grocery stores, but they are usually more expensive.

Are there any restrictions regarding buying booze and cigarettes in Romania?

As long as you are 18+, there aren’t. You can buy them in any grocery store, even at night

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