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How much is a club entry fee in Bucharest?

You’ll be surprised to see a lot of clubs with free entry in Bucharest. Otherwise, expect to pay 10 to 20 lei (EUR 2.5-5), sometimes including artists ‘fee (DJ, bands etc.). More expensive club events, usually concerts can go up to at most 50 lei (EUR 12).

Are there any gay clubs in Bucharest?

Yes there are, but not many of them. But you will find that most of the alternative clubs and bars in Bucharest are gay friendly (even packed with gay crowds☺) such as Modern, Control, Atelier Mecanic,

Are there hipsters clubs in Bucharest?

If you return to the homepage and choose hipster as lifestyle you will see popular places among hipsters in Bucharest.

What about places for a quiet night in Bucharest?

You can enjoy that too. Especially during warm seasons you will find a lot of terraces opened till late, good music and nice conversation.

Where can I find an artsy bar in Bucharest?

There are a few options… Try the terrace of the contemporary art museum, the bar and terrace of Imbold Gallery (Acuarela), Alchemia, the underground art events at Carol 53 and more... read our locals profiles!

Is it safe at night in Bucharest?

If you are walking in the centre of Bucharest, there is nothing to worry about! You will see the streets are not empty, people like clubbing in Bucharest as you can switch from one club to another during the night and be in the budget as well!

How late can I party in Bucharest?

The answer is – as late as you can! Or as early! It is not strange to see the daylight when you return home from a club party, especially in the summer!

Are there any club concerts in Bucharest at night?

You will find a lot of them, especially from Thursday to Saturday. Most of them are DJ sets, pop, electro, rock, alternative concerts. Be patient! Most clubs usually start the concerts much later than announced!

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