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Eating out in Bucharest – Useful tips for travellers

Tips at restaurants. How much?

Typically you leave about 10%, but if you're dissatisfied you can leave less or no tip, and if you're very pleased there's no limit. Usually tip is not included in restaurant menus, but is highly expected.

Do I expect to find menus in English?

There's no rule, but most popular Bucharest restaurants have them and if you're in doubt, just ask the waiter.

What is the Romanian traditional food?

Mainly Balkan cuisine, pretty heavy, but delicious! Specialities include mici, sarmale, ardei umpluti (stuffed capsicum) – all made with minced meat, mamaliga (polenta, made of corn flour, a wide variety of sausages, or more sophisticated recipes such as the venison dishes. Easier is to just go to a Romanian traditional restaurant and ask for the cook’s menu!

What is the Romanian traditional drink?

Romania is a wine producer, with sorts such as Grasa de Cotnari, Galbena de Odobesti, Feteasca, Tamaioasa, Pelin, Busuioaca, ranging from sweet liqueur wines (Porto like) to sourer and dry. You definitely need to taste the traditional tzuica (or palinka) which is a very strong spirituous drink made from the distillation of fruits (especially plums). You can also try local Romanian beers, such as Ciuc, Silva, Ursus, Timisoreana.

Are there any oriental restaurants in Bucharest?

If you are into Lebanese, Turkish, Arabian food yes you will find plenty of them, from Shaorma and Kebab fast-foods to elegant and stylish restaurants.

Bucharest restaurant bookings

It is wise to call or for a restaurant booking, especially for the most popular restaurants. You will find the phone numbers in our pages. English will do just fine.

Are restaurants open all day in Bucharest?

Unlike other European countries you will find most of the Bucharest restaurants opened at full services all day long.

Organic, vegan, raw food and restaurants in Bucharest

There are a few choices for the organic oriented crowd or the vegetarians/vegans, check the places recommended by the locals. However, many Romanians fast during the week (on Wednesday and Friday) and before big religious holidays, and this means they eat no meat, eggs or dairy products, so there is great chance to find in almost every restaurant something perfectly vegan to eat (just ask the waiter if they have something… de post!)

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