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name:  Mimo

age:  29

about me:  

Communicator (during the day for a bank, in my spare time for

I like a lot to go to the theatre and to write about what I see. In the summer I drink a lot of unfiltered beer, in the winter I stay at home and watch movies. I’d move to Lisbon, but I know New York is what I really need. I go to work on bike and I would give my Cismigiu view studio flat for nothing in the world.

love/hate bucharest:  

LOVE: I like the crowd and that so many thing happen – exhibitions, concerts, gatherings, film festivals. I like that every day looks different and that Bucharest is alive even at 4 am.

HATE: I am annoyed by the traffic and by the fact that people in Bucharest don’t care about their city.

my Bucharest guide:  

FOOD: Shift and Energiea - The food is excellent, the service is faultless.

DAY: Shift, Green Hours, Energiea, Dianei 4, Cafe Verona, Lente Cafe, MTR (Clubul Taranului), Atelierul Mecanic. Mostly for chatting and drinking unfiltered beer.

NIGHT: Only Control Club and only in spring, autumn, winter. For indie music, meeting friends, dancing and chatting. Sometimes even for picking someone up.

SHOPPING: I don’t really shop in Bucharest. Or if I do, there isn’t a special place – the same well-known Zara, H&M etc.

CULTURE: Theatre, a lot of theatre: ACT, Odeon, Godot, Green Hours. But here I have only to recommend the plays, not all are great. To be avoided – TNB and Nottara productions. Going to Aiurart. Visiting the cultural institutes and their wonderful programs – the French Institute and the Czech Centre are the coolest. Going to see a film at Studio Cinema on matinee and to La Delicii for an ice cream.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: La Metoc – for the tea looking like a beer; Theodor Aman House and mostly every street around Biserica Armeneasca. Walking or biking in the area of Hala Matache. The sunset on the MNAC terrace. The ARK building during a concert.