Adriana, 32, Professional
Ana, 36, Entrepreneur
Teodora, 28, Professional
Cristian, 40, Professional
Razvan, 30, Professional

name:  Adriana

age:  32

about me:  

Events Coordinator

I’m always ready to try new things but I’m coming back only to those having something to offer such as atmosphere, music, design or the quality of services. I do not hesitate to go, in the same weekend, to Faith No More but also to a beach party organized by Sunrise. I am a hybrid, like many of my generation.

love/hate bucharest:  

LOVE - I love that there is always something interesting happening and you find things to do in any moment.

HATE - I don’t like the filthiness, the bulging prices and the people having lost a part of them in the speed of the existence run.

my Bucharest guide:  

FOOD: La Cena – very good Italian food but not pretentious and without the upstarts wherever you look. La Catalin – the best Romanian food, family business, cozy ambiance. Harbin – the best Chinese food, quite crowded and smoky but the culinary experience make it worthy. Energiea – fusion cuisine carefully prepared with the best ingredients, a place for hipsters and creative industry people.

DAY: Meeting friends in the summer on a terrace (Baraka, Propaganda, E-Uranus) or just in Herastrau Park. Plus Snagov and Domeniul Stirbey.

NIGHT: I don’t really find a proper club nowadays; 5-10 years ago I was happily frequenting more of them… Last time I went to Turbohalle, I usually go for artists and not for the club. The best night parties were at the open air festivals: Iarmaroc, Paulesti, Bestfest.

SHOPPING: Design and concept stores like Zasha, Atelier Aiurea, Now & Wow, Kinga Varga Shworoom, Carla Szabo showroom, Oana Manolescu Showroom.

CULTURE: MNAC, Teatrul Foarte Mic, Centre for Visual Introspection, Sala Ronda at TNB (National Theatre of Bucharest)

DISCOVERY: The teahouse La Metoc, Counting Crows hostel, Ceainaria 5 (teahouse), Gradina OAR (cafe and tea garden), the tea house at Thomas Antiques.