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name:  Adrian

age:  33

about me:  

Object designer

33 YO. Single. Curious and picky. Not a follower. Experiments should be like in a laboratory: safe☺

love/hate bucharest:  

LOVE: Dynamism. Cultural events / concerts.

HATE: Human diversity and trends.

my Bucharest guide:  

FOOD: Vatra restaurant, Romanian traditional, good atmosphere. Pretty good food. Central. In the evening there are couples dancing on traditional folk music. It is interesting for the foreigners that had never the occasion to get out of Bucharest. I went there with some of them… Casa di David if you are more kind of exclusive person. The terrace is cool at night. It’s close to the lake but you can’t hear “singing” the frogs. The setting is modern, but conventional. Cool desserts and teas you can find at Casa Satya. Soothing atmosphere. Capricciosa restaurant, Italian specific, in Baneasa, Ion Ionescu de la Brad St.. A nice restaurant with terrace is Gargantua at the corner of Gradina Icoanei.

DAY: Tennis at the sports grounds Pescariu, or at the sports grounds behind Lia Manoliu stadium. Nice parks are Cismigiu (it has an “historic” look), Tineretului (it is even full of children and kind of open, good for biking and running), Titan (kind of relaxing at the beginning of the evening after a beer on a terrace). Green tea, good for romantic dates. A hidden tea house is Serendipity, still in the area of Gradina Icoanei Park, somewhere on a quiet little street with consulates.

NIGHT: I’m not quite into clubbing. Probably, as most people say, you can find some in the Old Centre. I used to go in Elements, in Herastrau area. Romanian tastes in clubs are quite poor in my opinion… GAIA is more for hipster and posh kinds. 25 would be the maximum age of the “population”, at least this is how I see it.

SHOPPING: I only find designer stuff at Kartell on Calea Victoriei and at Simona shop in Baneasa Mall. For sport items - Decathlon and Intersport. There is also British Gallery, for interesting objects, somewhere on a small street near the Government. For designer leather items, even customized, try Dacoma. Hand bags, shoes, heels… For children I recommend Imaginarium shops, you can find them in malls.

CULTURE: Cinema: Imax. It’s a revelation. It makes you enjoy living these times. The exhibitions at Carturesti. The Ark – events and exhibitions.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: Small houses on small streets I’ve been passing by…