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name:  Maria-Mirabela

age:  33

about me:  

Freelance photographer

Undecided, hyper-sensitive, self-centered, always in search of an identity.

love/hate bucharest:  

LOVE: nothing is settled, there are flows and gray zones everywhere, and this gives you sometimes a feeling of freedom.

HATE: the aggressiveness that you can find everywhere: in traffic, at the supermarket, at school, in the streets. Politeness takes you by surprise.

my Bucharest guide:  

FOOD: Pescarul – old communist ambiance, dead animals on the walls, strange waiters, right in the center of Bucharest, when you feel like reviving the past or just spending a couple of hours on another planet.

DAY: A walk in the streets of old Bucharest (not “Centrul vechi” - the Old Centre, but more like Batistei St. – Gradina Icoanei area) gives you an image of the great place that Bucharest used to be. Old, beautiful houses, human-sized streets and hidden gardens make you feel peaceful and can sometimes give you hope.

A film at Cinemateca Eforie.

“Mici” and beer in the Oborului market, surrounded by people selling Chinese underwear and pink slippers, in a hot summer day, if you are into the exotic kind of tourism.

NIGHT: I always go to Control, old habits die hard. Good music, sometimes great concerts, lousy beer and unfriendly staff.

There is also Dianei 4, cool venue and very nice people.

Atelierul mecanic works pretty well when you feel depressed and want to see plenty of hipsters trying to look sophisticated by means of strange outfits. Good beer, though. The same applies for Ota, plus they offer extraordinary soups. Some of the best I ever had.

SHOPPING: There are plenty of Second hand shops where you can find nice stuff at low prices.

CULTURE: Muzeul Taranului (Peasant Museum) – nice films and good food.

The MNAC, for the successful transformation of one part of the hideous “Casa poporului”, and sometimes for the good shows.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: La Metoc teahouse, a hidden terrace serving tea, tables between the trees, in the non-commercial centre of Bucharest.