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name:  Teodora

age:  28

about me:  

Assistant Manager

I am a person believing that in order to make a change in good, it’s for you to make the first step… I try hard to apply this method in my life; of course I’m not always successful☺

love/hate bucharest:  


I love that you have an excellent variety of leisure, all kind of cultural activities, great parks for kids.

I sometimes dislike the Bucharest turmoil, especially the jumpy people in the public transport.

my Bucharest guide:  

FOOD: Crama Domneasca restaurant in the Old Centre is a combination of ambient and gastronomic refinement; Romanian traditional menu, sort of medieval atmosphere.

Casa Oprescu is a quite hidden restaurant, it has a cute terrace right near Tineretului Park, varied menu, also Romanian traditional but also… tasteful fish specialties!

Salt and pepper - I recommend it especially for the "a la greque" chicken soup.

Colosseum Universitate restaurant – various pizza styles and berries tiramisu. Unfortunately it is not too renovated… from my point of view… but you can also order home delivery.

DAY: Tineretului Park- we have kids and there are several playgrounds; also sport grounds, fitness, barbecue area (you can rent it), tables and kiosks, quite airy during summer holidays, but it can be also crowded during weekends.

St. Nicolae Udricani Church, near the Jewish Theatre, a small hidden church, very beautiful, neat – renovated, historical monument, close to Unirii Square.

I also recommend a visit to Mogosoaia Palace.

NIGHT: We have kids, so... we don't really get that!

SHOPPING: Unirea Shopping Center; some cute shops near Amzei Square such as Hippie Hippie Shake (on Tache Ionescu St.).

CULTURE: Beside the National Theatre and National Opera I would warmly recommend Coltea Park; there are classical music concerts taking place during summer till September, starting 7 pm., every weekend. The Bucharest Music and Film Festival take place also during summertime in George Enescu Square. I usually go to cinema at the mall, like Sun Plaza and Bucharest Mall Vitan.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: In college I visited the crematory in Tineretului Park; it's very spooky... but has a special architecture.