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Marcela, 33, Freelancer
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name:  Marcela

age:  33

about me:  

Communication consultant

I like to love, to dance, to work, to dance again, to walk and to discover every day something new about myself.

love/hate bucharest:  

LOVE: I love the places with a history

HATE: I hate the dirtiness.

my Bucharest guide:  

FOOD: Divan restaurant in the Old Centre: nice atmosphere, good food, on my taste.

DAY: Walks in the park, especially in Cismigiu.

NIGHT: Live music bars, such as the piano bars. I like the sound of live music.

SHOPPING: Clandestino shop, second hand & vintage shops.

CULTURE: Outdoor concerts, Sala Radio, National Theatre, the Art Museum.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: The garden of the Infinitea tea house.