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418 Contemporary Art Gallery

418 CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY in Bucharest was founded as a channel for Romanian artists, enabling their work to be known and seen throughout the world. The first five years were dedicated to the promotion of emerging artists through solo-shows in the gallery, external collaborations with art institutions, art fairs, publications and their annual presence in the workshops from Cetate. The gallery also focused on the promotion of established artists, such as Romul Nutiu (d.2012), the representative of Abstract Expressionism in Romania, also representing the Romanian-born Canadian artist Sorel Etrog, the Romanian-born German artist Diet Sayler and Vincentiu Grigorescu (d.2012), Romanian-born, Italian painter.

Opening Hours: 

Monday to Friday

11:00 am - 19:00 pm

Address: 12 Intrarea Armasului, Bucharest



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