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Pavilion Unicredit

Contemporary art gallery and terrace.

PU is a work-in-progress independent space, a space for the production and research in the fields of audiovisual, discursive and performative. It is a space of the critical thinking, and it promotes an artistic perspective implying the social and political involvement of the art and of the cultural institutions. Nevertheless, the basic function of the space will remain the concretization.

The centre is surrounded by buildings which are emblematic to the type of architec- ture specific to Bucharest during the interwar period and it is also within close distance from the academic centre of the city.
The building in which the centre currently runs its activity is included in the list of historical monuments and the area surrounding it is part of the designated protected area “C.A. Rosetti – Maria Rosetti”. Having been built at the end of the 19th century, the building has had a number of different uses throughout its existence: as a Rheumatological care centre, bank headquarters and as a cultural centre, currently.

Wed-Fri 13.00 – 19.00
Sat-Sun 15.00-19.00

Address: 36 C.A. Rosetti St., Bucharest
+4 021 310 54 69


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