Travel guide from Adrian


About Adrian

38 years, Entrepreneur

Bar owner and amateur photographer

Love/Hate Bucharest:


endless diversity of the city, walking through the streets with ancient houses, that feels of a living city, full of life, the possibilities that it has to offer and the people who inhabit it or just cross it


inconsistency of people, the feeling of lack of involvement and living from hand to mouth

Travel tips from Adrian:


Zahanaua Zexe, extraordinarily tasty food, old boyar recipes, impeccable service and atmosphere like interwar

 For fast eating during the day I prefer Arabian  oriented cuisine like they have at Gedo or Naser


 I recommend walking in Cismigiu Park or Botanical Garden or enjoying the terraces of Café Verona, Fabrica or Eden Garden.


As a rock fan I spend most of my time at Boogie, a rock blues bar with a very warm and friendly atmosphere, very good music and crazy parties in weekends (it has also a terrace for the summer), I also like to attend rock concerts in Control Club, Silver Church and Arenele Romane; sometimes I go at 1974 Niste Domni si Fiii, LOKAL or Expirat Club.


I like to buy things from small shops that are selling underground brands or stuff for skaters. You can find that kind of shops in the small streets of Old City or in the nearby area.


MNAC - National Museum of Contemporary Art, Village Museum (inside Herastrau Park), Godot Café-Theatre, Antipa Museum (it has also a nice restaurant and terrace).

Places Adrian thinks you should go