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Love/Hate Bucharest:


I’ve been living in Bucharest for about 4 years. I’ll tell you, the city is not an overly pretty one but I feel quite lucky that I decided to start a new chapter in my life here. The more I stay in Bucharest, the more I discover a city that deserves to be noticed by more people. 


I am annoyed by the traffic, dust and lot of gray, and by the people strolling the streets in bathrobes :)

Travel tips from Betty:

FOOD: Where do you eat in Bucharest? What are your favorite restaurants (fast-foods, bistros, pubs etc.)? 

Edessa 63 - excellent examples of Turkish Cuisine. If you are a soup fan, i highly recommend Yayla Corbasi  (Yogurt soup with rice, mint and red pepper flakes)

Lacrimi si Sfinti - food is good and wine is even better.

DAY: What do you do during the day in Bucharest? What are the places you like to spend time in (cafes, bars, parks, sport venues, tea houses, terraces etc.)? 

Walking in Herastrau Park, Cismigiu and Ior,

Dianei 4 - for treasure hunting

Casa Universitarilor - for handmade fairs.

Origo for the best coffee experience

NIGHT: Where are you going out at night? 

La 100 de beri - for beer and friends of course 

SHOPPING: What do you shop in Bucharest and where? 

I enjoy Hippie Hippie Shake and most of the design & concept stores.

For great deals I visit Yard Sales and handmade fairs.

CULTURE: What are the cultural products/sites you enjoy in Bucharest? Where do you “consume” them (art galleries, museums, monuments, cinemas, cultural centers, concert halls, dance venues etc.). 

Alchemia - an urban cultural laboratory, Lokal, Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR), Metropolitan Library of Bucharest, Antipa Museum - now it's looking really good after renovation.

ROMANIAN MOVIES, BANDS, ARTISTS ETC.: What are the latest Romanian movies, bands, artists etc. that you liked? 

I'm fascinated by Serebe's work 

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: What are your Bucharest discoveries (hidden places, could be anything from a street corner to an abandoned factory, from a less known bar or café to a certain week day in a club where good music is playing)?

La Metoc teahouse, a hidden garden with tables between the trees and lot of tea.

Why visit Bucharest?

If you stick around instead of passing through quickly, this city is almost guaranteed to surprise you in ways that you could never imagine when you first arrive. 

Places Betty thinks you should go