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34 years, Entrepreneur

Manager of an alternative tourism bureau

I should do more sports. We should all do more sports. 

Love/Hate Bucharest:


Last night I went to Control with two British friends and there was a milonga (tango party) on the National Military Club terrace. Old and new just a couple of meters from each other, in the lovely September air. Awww:)


The current administration. 

Travel tips from Doru:


Haveli - just ask for real spicy, not Romanian spicy (which is not spicy at all)

Mesogios - fresh seafood.  Fresh as in: not frozen :). Omnomnom

Burger Van - as Westcoast as it gets.

Naser (1 or 2, mostly 2 because it’s closer to home) - the big starter and some other cooked stuff. OMG

Il Calcio - Ask for Il Calcio salad. I eat it at least once a week. I should stop or try something else, I know.


DAY: Cafés: Origo, ofc. (did anybody noticed how good their café late blended  brew is?), Camera din Față (when I want to get in touch with my feminine side), The Coffee Shop (when I’m in a hurry ). Never, ever again Starbucks (overpriced is an understatement )

Eden - one of Bucharest’s great places. 

J’ai Bistrot Bucharest - I have a 9 month yo daughter and they have great tolerance with kids. I thank them. 

La Rocca - I go because all my friends go. Every Thursday. I’m basically a sheep. L

Lente - Great for drinking good wine well into the night.

Parks: IOR 4ever, man!  I go 3 or 4 times/week. Always in the morning (8:30, 9 am)

Morarilor is a great little jewel that my friend Andreea showed me. I love it. 

And Herastrau for Baraka and my daughter loves the playgrounds.  



Club Eden - no nonsense kind of club. I hate people who play ping-pong, though. C’mon people, we live in this world to get f’cked up in front of the speakers not to play ping-pong all night.

Guesthouse - Bucharest can be proud of that one. It ticks all the right boxes.

Been to a punk concert lately at Underworld. The kid in me loved it.

Control - but we all go there anyway.

I miss Hawtin at Kristal.


SHOPPING: I almost do no shopping. When I do, it’s with my girlfriend for something specific like socks or a new t-shirt. I like Pull&Bear t-shirts.  Just like everybody else.


CULTURE: Yes, time to be pretentious:  I loved [email protected] Galateca. Galateca is a great place. From time to time I go for a concert at Sala Radio.

I also love the  3 bookshops: Anthony Frost, Kyralina (great name btw), Jumatatea Plina.

Modulab - a very dear project with huge potential.  



Movies:  I enjoyed Metabolism. And I don’t know if it’s still considered new but I loved Child’s Pose.

Bands: Anything involving Fierbinteanu and Alex (Plurabelle)

Artists: Paula Rusu, Noper, Atelier Brut, Obie Platon, Kitra.


BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: If you really want to feel that you are not in Bucharest anymore, go and have Eggs Benedict at Gargantua early in the morning. Before all the cars park on the sidewalk and ruin the magic.

I want to go back to Chimopar factory to see some new street art.

Oh and my absolute favorite street in Bucharest: Tepes Voda. 

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