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26 years, Professional

Classy Romania representative

An extrovert, travel maniac and humanitarian activist. I sometimes consider myself an expat in my own country, because I come from a mixed marriage (I am half Swedish) and I can bring a quite objective view of this fascinating city!

Love/Hate Bucharest:


I like that it is a very permissive city, a city of contrasts where people can enjoy various types of activities- be them intellectual, fancy, artsy or simply recreational. It is a city with its identity still in rupture; however it has its own personality, due to this insane hodgepodge of architecture and infrastructure which makes it unique for a country in Eastern Europe.


I can’t really say what I hate about this city. The major things I dislike are the lack of bike-lanes and respect for bikers and the glass walled office buildings popping out every year in historic places of Bucharest, but hey, we can’t really change the fact that Romanians are fast learners and spread-the-word-ers in terms of evolution! 

Travel tips from Alexandra:


Lacrimi și Sfinți -  as a gourmet, I have always enjoyed very well cooked Romanian food. You’ll have a purely Romanian culinary experience (with a little Russian influence). The owners of this place have thought of every detail to make you feel what romanianness is all about, from the lego Romanian traditional symbol decorations on the wall to the plates and clay pots in which the food is served.  

Amada (Greek) - I have lived more than half of my life at the seaside, so I have to admit that this is the place to go to for sea food. A shabby chic setting with cuisine from most countries bordered with water- Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Spain or Morocco.

Energiea - this is a very Berlinish urban hangout and a pub with interesting food. The experience you have in this ex-printing house building is a very industrial one, but the food is mostly European and very alluring!


Bastilia Librarium - This is a great place to come and explore some good books and albums, along with a great selection of teas and coffees in the attic of this newly restored inter-war building.

Green Hours - This is the oldest jazz bar in Bucharest, located in a quiet inner court yard on one of the central avenues in Bucharest. Starting with spring, one can enjoy a cup of coffee or a lemonade on the terrace, along with contemplating or fusion jazz sounds in the background.


Control Club - a very hip place nowadays in central Bucharest, because of its underground alternative events with great live acts. People can also enjoy a cool drink on the terrace, once the warmer days arrive.


Cărturești  - This book-store chain is present all over the city and it is a very welcoming place to search for famous readings (in various languages), collections, music, even home design or accessories. Tea and coffee of all kinds can also be enjoyed in these stores.

Hippie Hippie Shake - this is a small store in central Bucharest with colorful clothes and accessories of all kinds, bearing the style covered in the name of the shop!  


Carol 53 - Also known as an architectural monument and a cultural knot, this place is hosting various cultural events, from art exhibitions and debates to independent theatre plays or social workshops. This is a great example of an abandoned building which has been exempted from destruction thanks to some creative minds in the city!

Art Yourself Gallery  - a relatively new art gallery in Bucharest where one can come and admire or buy works made by contemporary Romanian artists. I am friends with many of them and I think they are doing a great job, and I think there is always a need to support local artists, because they are definitely icons to be proud of!


The Politehnica Metro Stop - I use the subway when I am not riding my bike through the city. This stop is covered in great blocks of marble with fossils which are some hundred million years old. The funny story worth mentioning is that the construction company that first brought the marble from the Carpathians in the 80’s had absolutely no clue of the value standing in these blocks. The workers were in a rush to finish the metro stop and only chose the marble by the color! 

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