Travel guide from Andrei


About Andrei

25 years, Artist

Architect. Sometimes musician. Sometimes I play music at parties. (read the interview with Poetrip, Andrei's band)


Love/Hate Bucharest:


Although it’s not a small city, people with the same interests usually get connected. There’s a lot of room for small-scale projects and improvisation. It’s hard to actually plan anything, things usually build up organically.


It has a poor administration, which reflects in the quality of urban space and urban life. The local administration doesn’t have any relationship with the creative sector, which leads to poor financed projects and missed opportunities.

Travel tips from Andrei:

FOOD: Shift Pub has good pasta and soup and a really good cheesecake. I used to go to Naser for really spicy Arabian food but now it’s a little bit out of my way. When I take lunch breaks from work I usually go to Lente, they have a lot of sockets and good wi-fi. Last week I ate a really good sandwich at the diner that opened behind Fire Club. I always end up at Divan after parties for a filthy snack.

DAY: I’m usually looking for places where you can actually carry out a conversation. Probably Dianei 4 or Londophone.

NIGHT: Control and Eden Club for the music, people, events and other reasons.

SHOPPING: The second hand shops on Lizeanu St. are really good for treasure hunts.

CULTURE:  Zeppelin conferences at BCU, screening and events at Czech Centre, other pop-up events that might be interesting.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: There’s an interesting community building up at the Flaros factory. People renting spaces for small businesses or reahearsal spaces for musicians. Some good things might come out of this.

Places Andrei thinks you should go