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37 years, Artist

Ex-architect (read the interview with Poetrip, Stefan's band)

I am here, therefore I was there.

Love/Hate Bucharest:


It's simple: look for nice people and you will find them.


The honking drivers and the way most of the people say “yes, of course!” but in fact it only means “probably” and in fact it's “never”. It's not because they are lying to me - they like to think that they are open to everything, but only in declarations, so they are lying to themselves.

Travel tips from Stefan:

FOOD: We don't have regular places we go to, we enter any Chinese restaurant we encounter. We like raw vegan places like Rawdia, but most often we order “Pizza Belvedere” from Fabio Pizza. We go to Cantina Sf. Gheorghe every time it's too late and we crave for cooked food. Divan in Lipscani or Tortilla before our shows. When we're protesting at University, it's Springtime. When we're protesting at Victoriei Square, it's Subway. The sandwiches in Control are very good. And the Veggie flatbread at Fast Food Sala Palatului, for only 5 lei. And thou shalt not forget about the divine carrot halwa at the Indian restaurant Haveli.

DAY: Carol 53 - we actually live here, Czech Centre for the Monday Documentaries.

NIGHT: Dianei 4, Londophone, J’ai Bistrot or some teahouse. I prefer quiet, cozy places at night as well. If I feel like getting drunk, the place where I go to is totally irrelevant. Sooner or later we'll end up in Control.

CULTURE: Czech Center, Carol 53, Groove On, Sala Berlin

ROMANIAN MOVIES, BANDS, ARTISTS ETC.: Killing Time, Allan Dalla, pegas bicycles, bita color, sub 25, sefeu... Actually, to answer this question I only need to read the stickers on my laptop.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: The small secret Dristor bodega which me and some friends call “Death of Dignity”, the Park behind the palace of Justice, The Unirii Esplanade – where Ceausescu wanted to build the scenes for Cantarea Romaniei.

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