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Love/Hate Bucharest:


The houses that escaped the demolitions, both during the communism and nowadays. The parks. The fact that my family and friends live here.


The invasion of poor quality art in public space that has flourished in Bucharest. Communist buildings and illegal parking! And the fact that the bus stops have no maps.

Travel tips from Ioana:

FOOD: The vegetarian restaurant Omra has a beautiful quiet terrace. In winter things are a bit more difficult in Bucharest: everybody smokes! Beca’s Kitchen on Eminescu St. is perfect for a night out.

DAY: A non-smoking environment is very important for me. I can’t understand why Bucharest cannot be smoke free like London or Amsterdam. So if I go for coffee and cake, I choose Origo, Camera din Față or Van Gogh upstairs, in the non-smoking area. Humanitas Cismigiu is another option. The most difficult part in trying to avoid cigarette smoke is at work - at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. Even though it is against the law to smoke in there, everybody still does.

NIGHT: I am not a going out at night person, so I can’t help you here.

SHOPPING: I prefer open-air markets. And the flea markets like Vitan, where one can find very interesting objects, even sculptures.


Exhibitions at Aiurart.  Atelier 030202, run by Mihai Zgondoiu is having a vivid schedule.

Monuments like Arca lui Noe - Noah's Ark  and Pisica Divan by Virgil Scripcariu are a great and exciting intervention in Bucharest. Holocaust monument by Peter Jacobi, Crucea secolului - Century Cross by Paul Neagu are meant for recalling and remembering the past.


Maria Popistașu was fabulous in Marți, după Crăciun (Tuesday, After Christmas) and I loved the script by Alex Baciu, Radu Muntean and Răzvan Rădulescu. I carefully follow Anca Benera and Arnold Estefan, as they exhibit or perform around the world.


I bike around Cișmigiu area and next to it there is Intrarea Temișana, which has several interesting houses. The entire area around Luigi Cazzavillan Park is definitely worth a trip.

Places Ioana thinks you should go