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FOOD: I eat mostly at home, otherwise I eat where it comes to, by needs, without having special preferences. Could be a falafel on the streets or a rustic restaurant, for me it's pretty much the same. I confess that from time to time we order food at home, especially when we have the money to do it without regrets. Recently I discovered a dish that I particularly love. Is a Chinese schnitzel with red cabbage, medium spiced. I love it because the schnitzels are very thin, so I won't have to feel a lot of meat between my teeth, and think that I have something that was once alive in my mouth. So you see, even schnitzels are about loss. I add that I find it ironic to order schnitzel from a Chinese restaurant. I order the schnitzel from the Chinese Garden restaurant, it is named ''Snitel de pui sichuan'', and it costs 21ron.  

DAY: I pass a good part of the day thinking about how great it would be to be able to sleep more. I stay mostly at home. I don't know exactly what I do between the moments of work, but must be something, because it keeps me busy. I can describe it to you as a background noise of the conscience, related to my attempts of dealing with it, that's what I do most of my time. I also have the luck to have a challenging life partner, which keeps me even more aware. I don't have a favorite bar or terrace, most of the time I end up in one of them depending on the situations and not by choice, you see one, you see them all. Though, 2-3 years ago, I spent some great time at De Bufet terrace, and Sub Bufet underworld. It was a friend's place, but it unfortunately closed.

NIGHT: My nights out ended somewhere in 2005/2006. I ended them because most of the time I was wondering about what the hell I was still doing in that kind of places and situations, struggling to find out the last trace of sincere fun or joy. I truly hate all ''the places to be'', all those places in which you have to be seen if you want to exist in the Bucharest's underground pseudo artistic & intellectual socialization scene. ''Underground'' places with high prices, experimental policy and creative personal. I prefer to go at Gara de Nord and drink a beer near the platforms, watching people.   

SHOPPING: I shop mostly from web, I still wear clothes bought 6-7 years ago. Since years I wear common levis jeans, and generally plain clothes. I mean, if I buy something from nike or whatever other brand, I chose a   neutral model, without graphics, signs or flashy colors.

CULTURE: If there is something which worth a visit, i'll go for it. Unfortunately we don't have institutions with a coherent expositional program, in order to keep your interest and agenda awake. Also the galleries are in continuos changing status, places which exist only for two exhibitions disappearing after. From time to time I visit MNAC, with the continuos hope of beginning to see more contemporary Romanian art in it. And the few galleries and spaces which offer something to see, could be Posibila Gallery, Platforma space, H'art Gallery etc.

ROMANIAN MOVIES, BANDS, ARTISTS: I recently saw the movie ''Portretul luptatorului la tinerete'' (Portrait of the Fighter as a Young Man), which had me documenting about the anti communist resistance from the Fagarasi Mountains. I was already aware about it, but I was happy about the occasion to deepen it. The movie is pretty common, an HBO production which mixes all the new young Romanian actors, but I think that aspects of the story have to be taught in schools. I recently read a book by George Nechita, a young Romanian poet, titled ''Partile juvenile, intinse''. 

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: Almost all my hidden places turned into some beauty salon or office buildings, so there still is very little hidden. There are other places, but those aren't hidden, they are secret.

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