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About Dana

29 years, Entrepreneur

I was born in Bucharest and I visited a big part of Europe, but I still love Bucharest most. I left a corporate job and opened a themed bar in this lovely city.

Love/Hate Bucharest:


It’s hard to enumerate what I love most about Bucharest, but I guess it’s the little things such as the memorial plaques on old buildings that tell the story of how old the house is, who designed it and who lived and created there and the parks in the summer, where you can ride a bike, have candy floss, take a boat ride or feed the ducks on the lake.


If there’s something that I don’t like about Bucharest, it is the fact that it is so crowded, but all big cities are dealing with this issue, especially capitals.

Travel tips from Dana:

FOOD:  Casa Capsa - associated with its exquisite pastry products, Casa Capsa is a historic restaurant on Calea Victoriei at the corner with Edgar Quinet Street, across from the Hotel Capitol, near the Cercul Militar Naţional, first established in 1852. Casa Capsa invented the chocolate Joffre cake and my grandmother used to say that the Joffre Cake from Capsa still tasted the same today as she remembers it from her youth.

Hanu Berarilor – there you can eat traditional Romanian food in a beautiful historical building named Casa Elena Lupescu (she was the mistress of King Carol II of the Romanians and later, after his abdication, his wife). It makes you imagine how the people used to have fun back in the old days.

Any place where you can join a PopUp Dinner social eating event.  – If you are staying more then just a couple of days in Bucharest and want to attend an evening of social eating and meet interesting, local yuppies, make sure you’ve made reservation for the next PopUp because there are usually only 30 seats!

DAY: Micii Campioni - If you are visiting Bucharest with your baby-children and you are looking for new activities for them, this is a place in the north area of the city, designed with a pool where they can learn how to swim, if they are less than 4 years old.

MODELiER is your very own oasis from the busy Bucharest and doesn’t look like an usual bar or pub, because it really isn’t one. The house was designed in the Inter-war Classical style, but the outside terrace is a contemporary creation, with graffiti and funky furniture that creates a unique atmosphere. It is a themed place, decorated with old and new design items, where you can enjoy a burger, a cocktail, a beer, a large variety of tea and coffee, whether you decide to visit it in the cold season or in the summer time. The outside terrace is perfect for attending movies projection or other outdoor activities.

Cismigiu Park - is the oldest and the largest park in the city's central area. The main entrance is from Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, in front of the City Hall and it is the perfect place for a walk, no matter the season. In the summer time you can rent a boat on the lake and have a refreshing drink at a terrace and in the winter time you can go ice skating here.

NIGHT: Centrul Vechi - In the Old Centre area you can always find some party going on, it is the biggest and the most crowded place of the Bucharest nightlife.

Sala Polivalenta - Actually, when in Bucharest, you must always check the list with upcoming events, because there are a lot of them going on: theatre performances, themed parties, concerts, exhibitions, street art events, workshops. At Polivalenta there are sometimes some great parties with DJ’s or concerts and you can also come here by day for art exhibitions, trade fairs and conferences.

Ghika Palace - built in 1822, is also host of parties and  electronic music events, but the gate framed by two eagles, made of stone  is also open for jazz nights or charity balls.

SHOPPING: Delicatese Florescu - is a gourmet shop, named after his owner, Gheorghe Florescu, an interesting man who wrote a best-seller about his life as a coffee lover during the restricted communist regime. Here you can find various types of coffee, of course, but also all sorts of other goodies as: pistachios, cashew nuts, almonds, bio sweets and souvenirs.

Villa Rodizio– If you are a fashionista, you should check the upcoming events from Villa Rodizio, because this place is  hosting each season fashion, beauty and vintage fairs or visit Dalis Fashion Shop in Old Centre on Smardan Street, a nice small boutique with great unique items.

Sala Dalles - it is an exhibition hall in Bucharest, located on Boulevard Nicolae Bălcescu, near Piata Universitatii, also host of book and gifts fairs.

CULTURE: ACT Theatre - small and hip cultural place, on the legendary Calea Victoriei, usually very crowded; besides theatre performances, you can find here recitals or jazz nights. The venue has also a tea house with library, where all sorts of artistic activities take place every day.

National Museum of Art - On Calea Victoriei you can also find The National Museum of Art of Romania that hosts three art galleries and very interesting temporary exhibitions. The museum offers guided tours in Romanian, English and French and its courtyard is splendid in the summer.

The Athenaeum is a concert hall, also on Calea Victoriei and represents a landmark of the Romanian capital city. Opened in 1888, this circular, neoclassical, with some more romantic touches building is the home of the "George Enescu" Philharmonic and of the George Enescu biannual international music festival.  In front of the building there is a small park and a statue of Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu. I love to stay on a bench in the summer here.

The Astronomical Observatory is a beautiful, interesting, old building on Lascar Catargiu Boulevard, open to the public every evening with clear skies when you can see the moon, the planets and other luminous sky objects.It is also a museum that presents the history of astronomy, the original telescope of the Romanian Admiral Vasile Urseanu, manuscripts, various objects and a library. After visiting this wonderful place, you can take a walk on Lascar Catargiu Boulevard and admire the beautiful old buildings; some of them are hosting restaurants or shops, others are used as embassies.

DISCOVERY: Piata Universitatii - on the sidewalk of Piata Universitatii you can find every day, no matter the weather, people who are selling old books and albums. I just love them. For students that are looking for specific items, these people are real heroes for finding them all sorts of old reference books at a good price.

Pasajul Vilacrosse - is a covered arcaded street between Calea Victoriei and Lipscani, very nice because of it’s architecture and location and it hosts several bars and restaurants.

The fountain from Piata Universitatii - If you want to meet someone in this lovely city, the fountain from Piata Universitatii is the perfect place, because it is centrally located, you cannot miss it. We used to meet here before or after class as we were students.


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