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About Nicoleta, Raisa, Olivia

29 years, Entrepreneur

Nicoleta, Raisa, Olivia - also known as... IUTTA. Newly launched. Longing for Romanian. 

Iutta is a creative studio, strongly inspired by the Romanian culture and traditions.

Love/Hate Bucharest:


The first thing to love about Bucharest would be the reminiscences of a past era, which can be felt in a certain vibe and seen in the imposing architectural forms that were left behind as a heritage. All this old structures seem to crave for novelty and diversity. And in this privation, the cultural mix that lies behind the hustle and bustle can play its part. This can sometimes overpower you, or, moreover, can hide unforeseen opportunities.


We don’t tend to focus on the negative side of a place in which we live by choice. The only thing that saddens us is the potential of a setting/person/situation left unexploited because of poor resources or poor motivation.

Travel tips from Nicoleta, Raisa, Olivia:

FOOD: When we’re out eating, we love to mix good food with great atmosphere. Because of that, La Placinte is an inspired choice, especially if you are into traditional recipes (coming all the way from Chișinău), thematic design and folk music. Also, a cozy place for eating desserts is Camera din față , where you can always find the right special tea to suit your mood. Of course, when needing a treat, Lacrimi si Sfinti is a great destination with sophisticated food and ambiance.

DAY: One of the advantages of starting your own business is the freedom of choosing a working space with a great amount of flexibility. The disadvantage, though, would be that there is a thin line between the time you spend working and your personal time. So we tend to pick the best option for both situations. A place that we are bound to return to –even if we are working or not- is Acuarela , the art-bistro where ideas are most likely to come to life because of the creative, stimulating environment. Another cozy place would be Coftale, where the scent of a carefully brewered coffee can be addictive.

NIGHT: We plan our nights according to the shows or parties that we would enjoy attending. 

SHOPPING: From our list we will definitely mention Carturesti, which is constantly transforming shopping into a delightful, almost never-ending experience where you get lost between shelves and shelves of must-read, must-have or must-give-away. Also, Cărturești has ROD, a platform entirely dedicated to Romanian designers, where we were more than pleased to display our newest IUTTA collection: Dor de românesc (Longing for Romania).

Another store we think fondly of is Baneasa Shopping City, because it hosts Guban, a brand with whom we recently started a successful collaboration. But, for example, when we like to shop online for designer clothes and accessories, I Heart Concept Store is our answer for all tastes and occasions.

CULTURE: Iutta has a strong interest in culture, where all great sources of inspiration lay. Galateca , a contemporary art gallery, part of the impressive Central University Library, caught our attention for organising bold installations that promoted Romanian traditions and culture. Alchemia Gallery, opened recently, is also a venue that supports Romanian artists by hosting themed fares and private exhibitions with a wide audience. For a mix of history and art we suggest Mogosoaia Palace and Știrbei Palace, where from time to time great art events take place. Another venue that offers us the occasion to celebrate our heritage is the Romanian Cultural Institute, with its frequent cultural projects.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: One of our great discoveries was The Vacaresti Lake, a natural treasure in the heart of Bucharest, which proved to be suitable for the concept of our first photo shooting.


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