Travel guide from Iulia


About Iulia

27 years, Entrepreneur

Running hostels 

I like to move around a lot, changing the location every year or so; it stimulates me and keeps me happy. I do like traveling, but nomading is better. Hostels are a wonderful environment to meet like-minded people. Romania is a very new place for backpackers to explore and I am lucky to be here at a time when the interest for Romania as a destination is increasing and I am able to bring my contribution in the backpackers’ area.

Love/Hate Bucharest:


Bucharest is a very mixed place, you can find it all here, it is entertaining and it’s hard to be bored in this city. I have been away for the last couple of years, so I am now rediscovering Bucharest all over again, which I find to have developed immensely during this time.


stuck in traffic, rude people, low living standards.

Travel tips from Iulia:

FOOD : There are so many options for going out for a drink or for food. I am a vegetarian, so I always look for veggie friendly places, such as Energiea.

DAY: I am a walker and I love taking photos, so on most days off I’ll take long walks through the city or go hiking with my camera, have a tea at Camera din față teahouse, for instance.

NIGHT: I enjoy having a nice glass of wine in a quiet, intimate place or a couple of beers with friends at one of the many open air places in the old town, or clubs such as Control and Expirat.

SHOPPING: I shop a lot online, not such a big fan of malls, but I do sometimes take a look in the little boutiques from the old town.

CULTURE: Art museums and galleries, I am happy to see there are so many new ones. I also like to go treasure hunting in antique shops and to fairs. Bulandra Theatre is a good cultural destination too.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY:  I do like a lot the antique fair they set up on weekends in front of the Bucharest History Museum.

Places Iulia thinks you should go