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38 years, Freelancer


I love traveling in countries where it is warm all year, I like parties, I love walking through downtown evening when it is cooler, I love to go to concerts ... in a word are a very active and always ready for anything new and cool event.

Love/Hate Bucharest:


Bucharest's history is represented in beautiful buildings, museums and old streets, I like the city seen at night with buildings lit at night, I like all weekend night`s life....


I hate traffic congestion and toxicity caused by it, I do not like to see futuristic buildings standing next to old buildings who have historical character

Travel tips from Mihai:

FOOD: El Bacha (lebanese food), Al Wady - Afi Palace (lebanese food), these are among the few places that serve a truly traditional Lebanese food and keep unmistakable Oriental flavour, Kumar`s Agra Palace (indian food)

DAY: Hard Rock Café and Van Gogh Café are part of a series of special places that know how to make your stay enjoyable, with very prompt serving... I also like Dristor Kebab and Starbucks café.

NIGHT: Bamboo Bucharest and Vip Style Club 

SHOPPING: C&A, Pull&Bear, Tommy Hilfiger are a number of shops with famous brands at some affordable prices with a wide range of products with no need to visit several shops to get the desired products.

CULTURE: Antipa Museum, Military Museum, Peasant Museum - perfect reality in great detail, the history of Bucharest ... once you get into the museum feeling as you get into the old Bucharest.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: Adventure Park Cernica, Water Park - the newest attractions where you can get all you need, moreover, whenever you went there you feel like you never had time to do whatever you wanted, representing some true oasis of relaxation in a city as hectic and crowded...

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