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27 years, Freelancer

Economist and Tour Guide

I would love if the day would have at least 25 hours. I like travelling and taking new challenges but I am trying to remember enjoying the little things also. Sarcastic but in the end caring. My favourite mood: super motivated and inspiring.

Love/Hate Bucharest:


Active life and cultural events that are giving you reasons to get out and interact with new things every day. 


 Traffic even if you run from it. Old buildings destruction...

Travel tips from Carmen:


I always appreciate a hot merdenea or a proper covrig in the Metro station or at street corners. I love sweets, so papanasi in a traditional restaurant are just great for me (Caru cu bere).


One of the best ways to escape from the crowded city is to take a walk inside the Village Museum : is peacefull, interesting and you can discover new tings about the old houses or guilds while tasting homemade cookies. Another place to relax is at some shady gardens like La Copac, Verona or Acuarela terraces.


I simply hate shopping so I would advise online shopping:)


The Athenaeum concerts are really great. Also the Village Museum and Peasant Museum are very interesting.


Ciclop parking place becomes a great place for really top street artists and more:)

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