Travel guide from Valentin-Tiberiu


About Valentin-Tiberiu

29 years, Entrepreneur

Co-owner PopUp Dinner 

Sociable up to contagion, always smiling, incurable optimist


Love/Hate Bucharest:


The city’s vibration, similar to the one of New York from the 70s when nothing was settled as a direction and there was a certain freedom of expression, the ascendant spirit of an European city next to the discrepancies that are hard to find in other cities, the active life of the young people and the multitude of events happening every year.


The streets dirtiness but also some people “dirty” sprit, those marked by the communism and “stolen away” from their own values and principles. 

Travel tips from Valentin-Tiberiu:

FOOD: Caru cu bere – I know it is the most touristic eat place in Bucharest, but for me is the perfect recipe for the Romanian cuisine, combined with a place with tradition, where I always go to loose myself in the landscape and to eat a tasty meal.

And of course, I would recommend PopUp Dinner, our mobile restaurant, for the chance to taste delicious fusion menus in the most unexpected and unconventional places in Bucharest.


Acuarela - part of Imbold art gallery, the attic and the garden outside, a place decorated in a very interesting manner, with a cool urban style that makes it apart from other places.

Infinitea teahouse –in the garden, where you fell lost in time and space, just forgetting something like time passage even exists…

Ion Voicu Park – my favourite park in Bucharest, across the road from Gradina Icoanei Park, a small park with bourgeois air and old splendid villas.  


Baraka –„club”-terrace from Herastrau Park where I would spend my entire summer if not so far, it is the ideal place to get out in a torrid Bucharest night


Alchemia – gallery and cultural hub in an old house on old part of Mosilor St., it looks very nice, they have interesting art works and a bar where you can sit and chat.

MNAC – art show and contemporary galleries

Street Delivery – urban event of architecture and art, very cool and full of talented people willing to express unconventionally


Maison 13 – old house in Gradina Icoanei area, a splendid place, full of personality and taste, somehow detached from another Bucharest. It was love at first sight, spacious and roomy, with avant-gardist furniture, interior design shop like, where all kind of events happen such as art shows, fashion shows, fairs, cool events etc. 

Places Valentin-Tiberiu thinks you should go