Travel guide from Marius


About Marius

49 years, Artist

Sculptor, founder of Instalart

I’m an artist. Visual artist. Sculptor.  This means I’m sensitive to the essence, to the content but also to the form and image. As I grow older I realize that the man shouldn’t have other job than LIFE itself. But you need culture for that, and this is expensive. 

Love/Hate Bucharest:


I like Bucharest as it is. Small and wicked. Dynamic. And selling bad things expensively. Good business…

I like it for the few smart, special people living here who don’t realize that what they want can be done in New York, Koln, Amsterdam too…  I also like that what can be done in Bucharest cannot be done in Amsterdam, NY and Koln.


Bucharest is like a railway station, and this might be beautiful, conceptually. And as in every railway station, people are passing by, without getting involved (except for conforming to the coexistence rules and obviously paying for it).

Travel tips from Marius:


Waterloo – I go there for a blond or dark beer, a Belgian one. To eat fondue cheese. Or moussaka. It is there I take my girl to make peace…

Biutiful (where Popescu brothers from Fratelli are co-owners) - I drink filtered beer. Flawless serving. Good food. Quite crowded in the evening. But this is good.

La mama – It’s no longer as it used to be. Tasty, big size and fast.  But during the day I guess it’s best. 


I go to work during the day! 


Control Club. I don’t really like the new location. Though it’s a place to spend your night. After all when going to a club what matters is who you drink with and not the colour of the walls…

Hardila’s El Comandante, I go there towards the morning, wasted…

Quite the same is Expirat/OtherSide (around 2-3 am) and Barfly (around 4-5 am). Ada says this place gathers all losers… Friendly people. 


Peek & Cloppenburg, I buy clothes there when I have a budget.

When I don’t have the money I go to Mini Prix. I’m buying 5 pairs of jeans and wearing none.

Recently, H&M is an option.

Shoes from Stone Creek – nice ones, but they last up to 3 months; Humanic – good, but what’s good is expensive. A few years ago I also found Le coq sportif brand here.

I buy tools from Proenerg, on Dambovita’s embankment. Highly professional. They just anticipate your needs. 


MNAC, Aiurart, Bulandra Theatre, Teatrul Mic, Godot Cafe-Teatru, ACT Theatre

Places Marius thinks you should go