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Love/Hate Bucharest:


Bucharest is great when deserted. The Bucharest through Reptilianul’s eyes is beautiful.

Loving or hating completely it doesn’t work. Bucharest is a “middle” city. Its charm lies in all the obsolete details, looking abandoned. These are nice too.


I don’t like the style of the holiday homes (orange houses, yearning to astound…)

Travel tips from Anda:

FOODShift is a great place to eat, good food and good music, the magical mix (I’m a foodie!) I also like Turkish places like Divan restaurant in the Old Centre and Paul bakery, very tasty! 

DAY: Walking in landscapes where you can experience different feelings, addressed to all your senses, the outskirts of Bucharest like Baicului, Vacaresti, Rahova neighbourhoods, Moara lui Assan, Casa Radio, Tineretului Park with its abandoned arena or behind People’s House (Palace of Parliament), a place with stray dogs, concrete and crazy bushes.

I look for quiet teahouses with an opium den look, like La VlaicuMetoc or places with good music that suits me (I’m a kind of musical Nazi:). Music is very important to me, I listen to music when I eat, when I work, everything I do I do it on music…

I also like the area near Ioanid Park, and the park itself, when is not populated. It recalls good memories and pleases the eyes.

NIGHT: I realized that I’m not as socialite as I used to be in high school… Places also changed… is it quite difficult to find something new and interesting at the same time.

SHOPPING: I don’t shop. Well I buy things when I need them, this is different. So I go to the supermarket (hate the malls though), but I like the supermarkets – the vivid, anonymous crowd where you can lose yourself and yet be there, observing the others.  I like the traditional markets too, like Obor Market, the relationship between sellers and buyers is human, normal, based on reciprocal needs, no fake courtesy, no judgement and no preconception. 

CULTURE: I go to the theatre, once in a while… I’m supposed to go to the theatre, as being the object of my university studies, but… I not that impressed with Romanian theatre productions, with some exceptions of course…  Atelierul de Productie is a nice place where I sometimes go to art shows.  I heard about subRahova as an interesting happening venue, but not visited yet.


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