Travel guide from Razvan


About Razvan

30 years, Professional

Still alternating between young professional in International Organizations and punk, penniless, lazy freak

In a constant yet unsuccessful search for an identity.

Love/Hate Bucharest:


smoking is allowed virtually everywhere, there still is plenty of uncharted territory.


chaotic traffic, it’s an unfriendly city for pedestrians and bikers

Travel tips from Razvan:

FOODInterbellico – small, cozy but chic restaurant with delicious pizzas and pasta. It looks like something in between Grandma’s home and a Parisian discreet bistro. It feels like Home. The owner and waiter is a smart, funny, seasoned, no-bullshit guy in his fifties who treats the customers as guests. Although they serve many dishes and desserts I always take pizza Quattro stagioni or pasta Bolognese (the best cooked in town). The place seems out of time and space and you relax as you enter it.

DAY: Reading and going out, sometimes at Cool Cat, drinking beer with friends. In hot summers days and evenings it is one of the best places to hide; chill terrace with old shadowy trees – looks like somebody’s courtyard – and feels like it. Sometimes they have movie nights or other cultural alternative events (like tattoo contests, literature soirees etc.)

NIGHTControl Club is a hipster club playing indie music, organizing great concerts with bands ranging from alternative pop/rock to all kind of electro mixes. The front side is the perfect pub during the week. Que Pasa is a small bar/pub crowded with relaxed, intellectual-like people. You can spend hours there without even noticing.  Dianei 4, good setting, very well decorated, beautiful people, often hosting different cultural events,  lot of fun, great service. Very friendly atmosphere, you can bet you will easily get to know new people there and make new friends. Energiea - a recently opened place playing good alternative music, very good setting and decorations, smart people, good and healthy food, kitchen opened until late in the night.

SHOPPINGBastilia Librarium is a new bookstore, they usually have readings and other literary events, in a nice old house in the city centre.

CULTURE: April – June is my favourite time in Bucharest in terms of cultural events. There are plenty of annual film festivals and street festivals such as the European Film Festival, B-est Film Festival, Street Delivery, Femei pe Matasari (Women on Matasari street)…

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: The small old shops in Lipscani area; Hanul Drumetului by night, Drumetul is a restaurant where “business” gypsies go to have dinner, dance and listen to manele (contemporary gypsy music about money, love, gadgets and friends). A place you can only find in Bucharest and a unique experience. Casa Universitarilor is a hidden restaurant in the very heart of Bucharest. It is a calm, out-of-time place which hasn’t changed at all in 30 years.

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