Travel guide from Ana


About Ana

42 years, Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneur

Everyday I do something that I was afraid of before (since I've become a social entrepreneur)

Love/Hate Bucharest:


I love Cotroceni area



I hate dormitory districts

Travel tips from Ana:

FOOD: Trattoria Roma, Papa la Soni, Shorley, Curtea Berarilor, Waterloo Taverne, La Bonne Bouche, Ici et Là

DAY: Dianei 4, Energiea, E-Uranus, Carturesti Verona Café and bookshop, Green Hours

NIGHT: Control Club, Fabrica, Ota

SHOPPING: Carturesti and Humanitas book stores.

CULTURE: Romanian Peasant Museum, Antipa Museum, H'Art Gallery, Contemporary Art Museum and MNAC Terrace, Anaid Art Gallery, Czech Centre

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: Costache Negri Street, The Athenaeum Concert Hall

Places Ana thinks you should go