Travel guide from Sonia


About Sonia

24 years, Artist


Never sure of how many hours a day can have.

Love/Hate Bucharest:


When I'm with my friends, everything seems great! If you are in the good "gang", Bucharest will spoil you!


Monday mornings in the street: people are depressive or aggressive or both, stray dogs are barking, beggars want your sandwich, everything is harsh and loud.

Travel tips from Sonia:

FOOD: For lunch and sometimes even breakfast I go to Shift Pub. Nice old house with a good setting, always good music, near Romana Square. In the summer the garden is great too. Love La Copac, when they cook in the garden, with real fire and really big pot. Musafir by Amarjit restaurant is another place where I love to eat, Indian food, special care for organic food, very relaxing atmosphere for a busy and active person like me.

DAY: La Vlaicu hidden tea garden, so hidden as if you don't know it you risk passing by.

NIGHT: All hipsters go to Control Club, so I go there when I feel in the mood for show-off and dance till trance :) 

SHOPPING: A cool bike shop is Pump, good brands; I also like the teashop Bernschutz & Co, they have two shops with a nice and homy design, also small tea terrace and saloon.

CULTURE: I recently discovered Carol 53, an old building on Carol St., where a couple of guys are doing all kind of cultural events. It's an open house for any artistic approach and they also have workshops.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: Somewhere near Amzei St., it is the house of "Mita Biciclista", first Romanian woman on a bike and also a great socialite and hipster of her period (in the 30's). The house is a monument, as representative for the baroque architecture with Art Nouveau influences.

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