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About Alina

20 years, Student

Computer Science Student

When you truly believe in love, you just make it happen.

Love/Hate Bucharest:


I love the diversity of the people and places; you have always things to do in Bucharest, all you need is time... and some money:)


I hate the way people drive in Bucharest! they are sometimes so angry and rude!

Travel tips from Alina:

FOOD: I'm a student, so I usually go in my campus places or near by, but sometimes I also go in the city centre. I like to eat at La Jeg and StudentPub, the food has "student prices", it's good and it comes quickly.

DAY: I like to walk and do jogging in Herastrau Park in the weekend, early in the morning when it is not too crowded. I also like to skate in Skatepark Tineretului, it's quite pro and you can also meet cool people.

NIGHT: I like a lot to go out and party! Even if you don't have a big budget, there are still some clubs in Bucharest centre where you can enjoy yourself. I usually go with my friends to Club A (official it's the club for Architecture students, or it used to be, now anyone can go there). I like it because there are a lot of students, good prices and good music (mostly soft rock and pop, you can dance on it!)

SHOPPING: My favorite shop is Ollie Gang Shop, street style fashion, skate items. There is also a new one opened skate shop, Kult, in Unirii Square, nice things too, good brands.

CULTURE: I sometimes go to concerts, in Control Club (indie rock, pop), I like the atmosphere, a lot of students, too.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: the only island in Bucharest - situated on Morii Lake (Lacul Morii) in the western part of Bucharest. Sometimes there are events and festivals.

Places Alina thinks you should go