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Love/Hate Bucharest:


What I love most about Bucharest is its recent increase in the series of manifestations, actions and events within the cultural field, especially regarding arts. On a different but yet sometimes related topic, the nightlife possibilities are getting richer and richer, with many great places to party your days and nights out!


I try to avoid the use of the term “hate” as much as I can; preferring instead to come up with suggestions on how to improve the things that I dislike. Of course, the city could be a bit tidier and more implication could be invested in the situation of beggars and the homeless; also some improvement in the promotion of museums and monuments wouldn’t do any harm.

Travel tips from Gabriel:

FOOD: Since I love cooking so much – but also since I’ve just finished college and I’m still in search of a good way to earn some money, I prefer eating at home most of the time. However, La Vie En Rawz is a place that you shouldn’t miss out if you’re into vegan food.

DAY: As for my hobbies, I enjoy dancing, biking, taking long walks through the park during daytime (you should definitely try out Herastrau and Al. I Cuza parks) or all around the city at night (it feels like having the city all for yourself; there’s a whole other world after the evening falls). I also like chilling out in tea-gardens and tea houses – I recommend Serendipity, La Metoc.

NIGHT: If you’re into dance, a great place to party is Control club, with a touch of indie and (soon enough, a bit more) electro music on the way to your eardrums, determined to set loose those dancing moves within you.

SHOPPING: I love hunting down stores with second hand clothes, in some of them you can find real treasures – some great, unique vintage pieces of clothing that please the eye and raise the spirit of the beholder.

CULTURE: I do prefer smaller cinemas such as Scala, Europa or the movie screenings at the Romanian Peasant Museum – in summertime, right outside, in its garden. "Ion Dacian" National Operetta Theatre offers some nice musicals, and at Sala Radio you can listen to great classical music concerts.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: Keep an eye out for the parties held at Vertigo, they’re a real blast! The place has a splendid view of the city, being located on Calea Victoriei, near Cercul Militar, in Universitate area; right on the rooftop of a 10-leveled building. The vibe, the people, the music, Diana (the host), the breeze, and the seagulls at sunrise – if you’re keen to party all night long – make you experience a trip in a whole new world, not within the city, but above it. Unfortunately, Vertigo is open only when special events and parties are being thrown – but maybe that’s what makes it even more exquisite!

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