Travel guide from Iohanna


About Iohanna

32 years, Professional

Journalist. PR coordinator.


I like flowers and beautiful people, linden trees, reading, good music. I like to have time for myself, to watch the sky for no reason, to walk in the park with my husband, chatting.

Love/Hate Bucharest:


the parks, the trees, the flowers, Basarab passage (great invention!), the House of People, old houses, monuments, churches behind the trees, in quit places as you forget being in Bucharest, Herastrau lake, Circus Park and lake, OAR garden… I like the river Dambovita banks, good place for walk, the terraces in Regie (student District), I enjoy the multitude of theatres, the Universitatii Square and its subway, now an exhibition place.


the dirtiness, the negligence of the people, the stray dogs – I pity them, I would like them to be taken care of and a solution to be found for them not to hang on the streets… I don’t like that there aren’t enough parking places, people leave their cars on the sidewalk, disturbing the pedestrians… I am annoyed by the indolence of the people, their indifference towards environment, the drivers not respecting the traffic rules; I’m irritated when, out of various interests, pieces of parks or green areas are “stolen” and you can then see inadequate, inutile buildings rising…

Travel tips from Iohanna:

FOOD: Hanul Berarilor – I like the food, the atmosphere, the folklore live music, the architecture - the house looks great!; Caru cu Bere – for the architecture; Pub 18 – situated in Regie (student district) good pizza, student atmosphere:-)

DAY: Roaba de Cultura – in Herastrau area (it’s temporary, only in summer – on the lawn of Pescarus restaurant – very nice activities); Carturesti Verona – I like to stay in the middle of the books… and to have something to drink on the terrace…; the Old Centre; Racovita-Cesianu Palace – headquarters of Artmark (art auction house), with a great interior architecture! The building is also hosting Pinacoteca Bucuresti, a wonderful collection of paintings!; La Bibliotheque – beauty salon and good books…

NIGHT: I don’t go to clubs, so I couldn’t name one…

SHOPPING: Casa Wagner – fine arts and stories – painted pottery studio.

CULTURE: I like a lot the famous artists’ concerts in Bucharest, the theatre plays, that there are events and festivals almost all the time of the year. I like the “George Enescu Festival” (big international classical music festival) and I frequently follow the concerts of Alexandru Tomescu (Romanian violinist)… I also like MTR (the Romanian Peasant Museum), I’m glad such a place exists, the Village Museum – an oasis of silence and a piece of heaven in Bucharest. I also like the National Theatre and Elite Art Gallery.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: Serendipity teahouse; I love the fountain nearby the Architecture, the old and unknown streets where you can discover monument-houses, pieces of jewellery of the ancient Bucharest!

Places Iohanna thinks you should go