Travel guide from Lavinia


About Lavinia

29 years, Freelancer


Done a lot of school. Work from home. Love reading, music, cinema, hanging around with friends. Single.


Love/Hate Bucharest:


Love all the people I met here & the personality of the city, more daring than others.


Hate the way it looks, ugly dirty buildings, way too many cars, stray dogs.

Travel tips from Lavinia:


La mama – good traditional Romanian food, cheap, casual atmosphere

Divan – Turkish restaurant


Cărtureşti Verona – nice “summer garden”, try the Verona lemonade

Shift – nice place, good music, cool people; the food is ok, a bit too expensive

Dianei 4 – newly opened, looks unfinished – in a cool way, cheap drinks, very friendly atmosphere

Parks: Grădina Icoanei, Ioanid Park

NIGHT: Control – nice setting, good music, cheap drinks, cool people

SHOPPING: Bookstores: Cărtureşti, Bastilia, Humanitas, Anthony Frost


Cinema Studio – in the city centre, very cheap, especially in the morning, a lot of European films; from time to time it hosts small festivals

Salle Elvire Popesco – inside the French Cultural Institute

MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art – inside the Parliament building; looks nice, a lot of great exhibits, but it’s not easy to get there, kind of forlorn

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: Fabrica terrace, Serendipity Tea House


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