Travel guide from Livia


About Livia

32 years, Professional


I am just as I like to be. Who doesn’t like it, better not look!


Love/Hate Bucharest:


I love summer evenings in the Old Centre and love that you can't ever be bored; that you can choose what you want to do; love it for the sport and music events.


Bucharest’s specific boorishness; the dirt; the indifference.

Travel tips from Livia:


Divan Turkish restaurant - I love Turkish food, quality service

El Bacha – Lebanese food, exclusive place

JW Steakhouse Marriott – faultless brunches

Cantina Verde – close to my place, very good Italian cuisine

L’Incontro – close to my place, good cuisine, unpretentious, ideal to spend an evening with friends

Vecchio 1812 – the best salad in town

Paul – good pastry ☺


Lady Fit Gym – special sport programs adapted and conceived for women – no men allowed!

Daimon Club – for the pool, nice terrace, lots of green areas; Titan Park

Sky Bar – gorgeous place, excellent desserts

NIGHT LIFE: Not really. I guess I kind of like to sleep ☺

SHOPPING: I prefer shopping online – Fashion Days. Exclusive brands, not yet on the Romanian market, quality products. If not, I go to Baneasa Shopping Center

CULTURE: Wherever I can find a good theatre show: Comedy Theatre, TNB, Odeon, Arca; Baneasa Cinema – many cinema halls, less uneducated people.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: Unfortunately I don’t know such exquisite places… I don’t have that time to wonder around finding places “less civilized”. Instead I’m always open to such kind of proposals ☺

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