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Love/Hate Bucharest:


I like spring and autumn in Bucharest, the chaotic way the nature changes. I mean this in a good way, due to the manner people let the trees grow and the flowers blossom wherever they can, without too much care or planning. Bucharest doesn’t have that organized structure of gardening that you see in modern cities, where every tree is perfectly aligned with the other... During these two seasons you don’t see, on the same street, the same thing two days in a row, nature is just changing "before your eyes". I think this sums up the things I like about Bucharest, it is always surprising with its chaos and lack of proper organizing.


The same chaos can sometimes surprise you in a very unpleasant way. I'm talking about the lots of dogs in the streets, sometimes aggressive, the pickpockets on buses, the beggars, the traffic jams (cars, buses and metro included, during rush hours).

Travel tips from Serban:

FOOD: St. Patrick and The Harp, excellent and traditional Irish and English food at fare prices, accompanied by an appropriate variety of international beers. My first shepherd's pies were at The Harp and I am still not sure whether they are better than the ones in I had in London... They are both perfect places to dine or to have a beer with friends, in a very cozy, crowded and still intimate ambiance.

DAY: Just walk around the narrow and twisted streets in the city centre and you will have plenty of things that you will be amazed to discover, from old shops, cafés, bars and clubs, to old buildings filled with memories. It's a very interesting mix between the “party guys” and locals, just trying to ignore these people that seem to have invaded their long ago quiet little streets.

NIGHT: I usually go out and party in Control Club, thanks to indie music and interesting people. Even if you don't have friends to go with, you are most likely to meet someone there or just go to the bar and look at the people walking by. You will be surprised by how everyone there tells a story about themselves; by the way they look, act or simply stay there. It's a sense of freedom that I haven't encountered in a lot of places.

CULTURE: I would definitely recommend the theatres in Bucharest, but unfortunately most plays are in Romanian only. Also unfortunately, it is difficult to find tickets; usually you have to book two weeks in advance… If you get the chance to buy some tickets, try the Odeon, Bulandra and Metropolis theatres. There are also beautiful classic dance shows at the National Opera and the “Ion Dacian” Operetta, or interesting contemporary experimental dance shows at CNDB (National Dance Centre of Bucharest).

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: Walking along the narrow streets in the city centre I discovered an old tea garden where you can go in the summer and have a refreshing, cozy, large, natural tea, La Metoc. It is a very isolated cherry garden of a decrepit house, serving a variety of teas and sweets, the perfect place to have a quiet afternoon, alone with a book, or with friends.

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