Travel guide from Mihai


About Mihai

34 years, Freelancer

Film critic and film programmer

I work a lot (too much), as I accept doing too many things and unfortunately I tend to loose the contact with the city life (not to speak about my personal life…). I try to put things in order at my place as in my life as well, living healthier too.

Love/Hate Bucharest:


I love the opportunities (cultural but not only) that Bucharest offers and I would like to have the time and energy to be able to benefit from as many of them; for this reason I don’t think I’ll ever settle in another town in Romania (as I don’t want a calm and quiet living).


I hate the traffic (I’d rather only travel by underground and by foot) and I often don’t enjoy people’s behavior, always edgy, always ready to argue and to curse the others, if only not to start fighting; this is the only reason for I prefer people from smaller towns, calmer and more indulgent with others’ mistakes (deliberate or accidental, authentic or imagined).

Travel tips from Mihai:

FOOD: When I’m at the office, I prefer eating at the self-service locals from the centre of Bucharest, with cheap and acceptable food (generally Romanian traditional), even if not delis and even if the interior design and atmosphere are not remarkable… I like Pizza Hut (the pizza and also the service). Most recently I was very impressed by Trattoria di Verdi. Otherwise I don’t really have a favorite restaurant, I choose according to the place and the time. Then, if I don’t like the food or the service, I never come back.

DAY: I have less and less spare time. Most of the time I still go to the cinema (to the malls or at Studio, Elvira Popescu or Cinema PRO, depending on what movie I need to watch). From time to time I go out in the parks (Plumbuita, Circului or Tei – in my area, Cismigiu, Herastrau, Bazilescu etc.). I also go to the theatre, opera, concerts or art shows, generally when I’m accompanied. In the summer, I spend time on the terrace at Café Verona, because everybody is there… I also like some cafes and tea houses, but as I don’t go there on a regular basis so I can’t name them now… I used to go to Casablanca, in Lahovari Square, but it’s closed now… I don’t do sports, but I’m still trying to start jogging. I would also like biking, but not for the moment…

NIGHT: Again, less often lately. Only Control, Shift, Fabrica and Kulturhaus because I like the music and the atmosphere and my entourage prefer them.

SHOPPING: Unfortunately I only can recommend Carturesti bookstores and more recently, Bastilia.

CULTURE: MNAC, Galeria Posibila, Galeria Atelier 35, the Cinematheque venues (Cinemateca Eforie si Union), Studio Cinema, Elvira Popescu Cinema, CinemaPRO, Hollywood Multiplex, L.S. Bulandra Theatre, ACT Theatre, Green Hours (shows and concerts), National Opera, Romanian Athenaeum, Carturesti, Bastilia etc.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: I can only talk about Uranus St. area, which moved me (through its buildings, not its inhabitants) and which I’d like to see having a better future… For instance, I liked a lot Bragadiru Palace and I really don’t know what’s going on with it…

Places Mihai thinks you should go