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I prefer singular and multicultural experiences. From music to clothes, food and lifestyle – I just want to try different concepts – even taking the risk of a disappointment. It’s better to have regrets than doubts.

Love/Hate Bucharest:


Bucharest is an eclectic city. I like the old area, the quiet little streets, the small themed cafes that you can find here and there, the vintage villas, that air of an old venerable lady of some streets, like Mantuleasa St.


I hate the huge glass buildings invading the most inappropriate parts of Bucharest (see “Cathedral Plaza”), visually aggressive and irritating. I hate the absence of the citizenship and the dirtiness.

Travel tips from Silvia:

FOOD: Casa Jienilor on Avrig St. – the menu is indeed Romanian. The food is well prepared, the servings are generous, the prices are OK and I also like the atmosphere. It is a small, discreet and smart restaurant. The service is prompt and I’ve always had a good time there. I also like Hanu Berarilor – after the former Becker Brau, it is the best place for taking “meter beer”. The place is a bit expensive but the quality is flawless. The beer of the house is really great! As an international experience, Zen Sushi restaurant on Grigore Alexandrescu St., is one of the few places in Bucharest where everything is 100% Japanese. For Indian restaurant, Karishma on Olari St..

DAY: I usually get out in the park to photograph. It is a hobby of mine and I really had some interesting shots in Herastrau and Cismigiu Park. I also like small, lonely parks like Gradina Icoanei and Ioanid Park. I get out on a terrace too in summertime, but I don’t have any specific preference, having cold beer is the only criteria… I usually pick the first terrace on my way…

NIGHT: I don’t go out in clubs anymore, since Le Noir, the only authentic metal club in Bucharest has disappeared. Once in a few months my friends drag me to Hard Rock Café, which is however a bit too commercial for my taste (it is a franchise, so what can I do?)

SHOPPING: The antiques fairs organized by Rom’Antique at World Trade Plaza (I caught some highly valuable bargains), the traditional fairs at MTR; as a shopping area I recommend Afi Palace Cotroceni and Fashion House.

CULTURE: ArtMark Gallery organizes very interesting exhibitions and auctions – painting, engraving, sculpture, furniture and decorations; it is worth visiting it. I also recommend the Geology Museum and Antipa Museum (very interesting after the restoration); there are also the Old Maps Museum, on Londra St. and the Military Museum.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: Ioanid Park on Dacia Blvd. is a quiet corner, fancy as an English mansion park, with a very realistic park pavilion, surrounded by gorgeous architecture villas. 

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