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About Laura

32 years, Professional

Video Editor

I like what I do and I do what I like.

I like what I do, meaning working in television and I do what I like meaning sport, walking with my kid in the park; I get out in the evening to dance or to have a drink on a terrace, I read.

Love/Hate Bucharest:


I love Bucharest in the summer and I hate it in the winter. I love it for its unrest, the terraces, the parks and the clubs and not the least for its contrasts.


 I hate it for the grey of blocks and the madness of the inhabitants, for the extreme weather and for the “spike potato” in Revolutiei Square (a controversial urban sculpture).

Travel tips from Laura:

FOOD: Hanul Berarilor – Between wars atmosphere, entertainment program, gorgeous terrace, excellent food Casa Jienilor – nice terrace, good food; Trattoria Il Calcio – great Italian food, nice ambience; Monte Carlo restaurant in Cismigiu Park – because it’s on the lake side and because I had my wedding party there☺

DAY: Waterpark Otopeni; the terraces in Titan Park; Hard Rock Café in Herastrau Park, the cafes in the Old Centre, Embassy in Romana Square– the terrace is wonderful and inside the bar is nice also, chill atmosphere, lounge, very good drinks.

NIGHT: Old Centre – the true nightlife is there (girls – for whom it may concern☺, drinks, table dance or under table dance☺); Bordello’s – the average age (around 30) is convenient for me, the music is at the limit of commercial, the atmosphere is cosmopolitan (a lot of foreigners too); Old City – older music (as the name can tell), also outdoor dancing, on the terrace, simple, unpretentious people; Kristal Glam Club – cool DJs and a real clubbing atmosphere; Tribute Club – nice concerts, to sing and dace along (even if there isn’t enough room).

SHOPPING: I’m not really into shopping…

CULTURE: Antipa, Romanian Peasant Museum; I go where I can find a good concert, not necessarily for the place itself…

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: Mogosoaia Fort – an underground gallery outside Bucharest, the old protection fort that surrounded Bucharest; Cortina Club – in the village of Corbeanca (near Bucharest) the old house of Tantareanu (local business man); you can dine, take a dip in the pool, and dance in the evening, it is not far from Bucharest; Moara lui Assan (Assan’s Mill) – if something still remains from it after multiples fires; Vacaresti Lake – called the Bucharest Delta – because it’s in fashion now☺


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