Travel guide from Cristina


About Cristina

31 years, Professional

Office manager

I like a lot the trips, whatever their nature, real or imaginary – from books, museums; I enjoy meeting people passionate of what they do, to take part of the cultural thrill of Bucharest – concerts, shows, conferences and other connected events. I also like to learn foreign languages, mountain hiking, sports and DIY.

Love/Hate Bucharest:


I love Bucharest a lot for all the wonderful moments, the special people I’ve met here, for the events I had the occasion to take part to.


I don’t’ think I hate something in particular, but I am disappointed by the absence of perspective in the plans of the city fathers… I would like that Bucharest inhabitants love their city more and prove more civic sense.

Travel tips from Cristina:

FOOD: I rarely get out. With my friends I usually dine in one of La mama restaurants, probably because we became accustomed to it… When I’m in a hurry I go to Spring Time, for the salads bar and when I’m in the mood for a guilty pleasure, I go to KFC. A special experience for me was Sangria restaurant, for the atmosphere (the terrace is gorgeous, feels like I’m already far from Bucharest); I also enjoyed Casa taraneasca, for the traditional Romanian food and for the service. I also like teahouses and for a moment of spoil I adore to drink a coffee at Paul.

DAY: I run almost daily in Titan Park, because is 3 minutes away from my place and because I live in the area for almost 2 years and I had never had an incident, no matter the season. The only problem is that it quite crowded in rush hours – too many joggers, bikers and people walking for the quite narrow alleys. But it is very carefully trimmed (just opened a newly landscaped corner). And because it is already a habit that people sit on the grass with their blankets, I usually take my book in weekends and I read lying on the grass…

NIGHT: I don’t really go out at night. It may be a late evening surprising me on a terrace or in a bar, but I’ve not been clubbing for a long time.

SHOPPING: I believe the most frequent shopping is for sports items at Decathlon. Last year I initiated a handball club for amateurs (HCA Bucuresti) and I was really going there weekly, buying equipments or balls. I also go to Mini Prix, where I usually find nice items, with very good prices.

CULTURE: I like museums a lot; at one point I had made a series on my personal blog, trying to go to 1-2 museums each month. I kind of abandoned the idea, but I still like to mention some places I enjoyed very much. Cotroceni Museum – the former royal residence, with the apartments very well conserved – where the visit transformed into a real history lesson! The Village Museum – maybe because I was raised in the countryside, it is for me a place awaking a lot of nostalgias… Western Art Museum – Eng. Furnica-Minovici House, a truly special house, built by taking into account the collected objects and who needed more than 400 blueprints! National Art Museum – fascinating collections, but also the building itself; The Athenaeum - hosting, with a faultless architecture, quality classical music concerts. Romanian National Opera - an exquisite venue, a building whose details fascinate me every time I go there.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: Botanical Garden – I wondered its alleys during 4 university years. It also hosts wonderful green houses, worth to visit. Mogosoaia Palace– even if it is not really in Bucharest, I strongly recommend the effort of seeing it! St. Elefterie Church– it has a great choir – one of my favorite churches in Bucharest.

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