Travel guide from Anca


About Anca

31 years, Professional


I am a person always running into all kind of Wonders (figuratively but also straight speaking), I constantly discover things and myself. I like to discover the Existence as it burst in somebody else eyes. Always a new perspective, distinct and just so, richer than mine.


Love/Hate Bucharest:


I love Bucharest's parks and the opportunities for personal development, all kind of interesting trainings.


Most of the time I find it impossible to breathe. It is very crowded and noisy☺

Travel tips from Anca:

FOOD: Barca, Serendipity, Cafe Verona These are places with a bit of Bohemian air and quite peaceful. They rather look like “cut off” from another age, when time was not that impatient. Barca is a place serving “raw foods”, quite delicious and obviously very healthy.

DAY: For sports I enjoy Prosper Fitness – almost daily. It’s close to my home, it has reasonable prices and people are nice. The gym is quite well equipped, offering also aerobics, “zumba” and Salsa courses I like to walk in Titan Park and Herastrau Park. The peaceful smell of the linden trees is divine (I would like to create my own perfume, to keep it with me all the time). I’ve participated to all kind of classes and gatherings of raw foods (good for learning healthy eating habits and highly recommended for the bad kitchen talents. Cooking has become for me a more pleasant and less time consuming experience, but obviously more expensive…

SHOPPING: I enjoy Now & Wow, for the original clothes, unique pieces, like an explosion of colours and femininity!

CULTURE: Antipa Museum – now after renovation it looks impressive and it is worth paying a visit if you have 4+ hours of spare time…

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: I was very impressed by the tea house Infinitea - especially the garden. It is a real oasis of silence where they serve good desserts for sweetening your weekend days… It is the perfect place for girls chat, drinking a delicious cup of tea while reading a good book sitting at a shady little table.

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