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Love/Hate Bucharest:


the multitude of the cultural events


…the crowd

Travel tips from Cristian:

FOOD: I’m always on the run, so the fast food is my friend… I recommend a small Lebanese place near Piata Muncii, called Ali Baba. Nothing extraordinary, but the food is great.

DAY: I often go to Ludic (now closed, later edit), a small bar near Piata Rosetti, where you can do something else than drinking, smoking, chatting, darts. They have dozens of free board games. From “Nu te supara, frate” (old Romanian board game) to African strategy games… Nothing “computerized”, but “real” games, as I like to say:)

NIGHT: Silver Church is interesting. Unfortunately I’m not really into club programs, but there are a lot of good live concerts, both Romanian and foreign artists, all music genres. Shouldn’t miss the setting at Silver too!

SHOPPING: A small shop called Boule, near the National Bank; fascinating clothes collection, art gallery, tattoo shop, live music once in a while; also serving water, soft drinks, beer too. I also heard that they’re going to open a terrace soon!

CULTURE: I’d go again and again to Peasant Museum (MTR); inside the museum but also on the terrace behind, with its concert hall. Things happen there!

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: I enjoyed the teahouse above ACT Theatre. 

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