Travel guide from Adriana


About Adriana

32 years, Professional

Events Coordinator

I’m always ready to try new things but I’m coming back only to those having something to offer such as atmosphere, music, design or the quality of services. I do not hesitate to go, in the same weekend, to Faith No More but also to a beach party organized by Sunrise. I am a hybrid, like many of my generation.

Love/Hate Bucharest:


I love that there is always something interesting happening and you find things to do in any moment.


I don’t like the dirt, the bulging prices and the people having lost a part of them in the speed of the existence run.

Travel tips from Adriana:

FOOD: La Cena – very good Italian food but not pretentious and without the upstarts wherever you look. La Catalin – the best Romanian food, family business, cozy ambiance. Harbin – the best Chinese food, quite crowded and smoky but the culinary experience make it worthy. Energiea – fusion cuisine carefully prepared with the best ingredients, a place for hipsters and creative industry people. 

DAY: Meeting friends in the summer on a terrace (Baraka, Propaganda, E-Uranus) or just in Herastrau Park. Plus Snagov and Domeniul Stirbey.

NIGHT: I don’t really find a proper club nowadays; 5-10 years ago I was happily frequenting more of them…  I usually go for artists and not for the club. 

SHOPPING: Design and concept stores like Atelier Aiurea, Now & Wow, Kinga Varga Shworoom, Carla Szabo showroom, Oana Manolescu Showroom.

CULTURE: MNAC, Teatrul Foarte Mic, Centre for Visual Introspection, Sala Ronda at TNB (National Theatre of Bucharest)

DISCOVERY: The teahouse La Metoc, Counting Crows hostel, Ceainaria 5 (teahouse).

Places Adriana thinks you should go