Norzeatic album launch @ Control

01.11, 09.00pm, hip-hop // jazz concert @ Control Club

NORZEATIC is a significant voice of the Romanian underground music. He started his voyage in hip-hop in the classical way and soon refined his approach to music, by mixing genres (hip-hop, electronic, jazz) and taking the best of his talent as lyrics writer.

After two albums released with the electro duo Khidja – Aici si Acum (Here and Now) and Caravana PM:AM (The Caravan PM:AM), NORZEATIC finds himself in a new stage of his career – the launching of a new solo album – Exercitii pe ritm de pace (Peace Pace Exercises).

Go here for Norzeatic myspace.

The album launch will host Norzeatic’s concert, together with his guest, Tavi Scurtu, a well-known jazz musician.


entrance fee: 15 lei

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