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La Copac - Good Old Habits in Modern Bucharest September 20, 2012

by Bucharest Tips

Rainy day in Bucharest, it looks like autumn finally came. After a very dry summer, the wet look of the streets changed our perspective: having lunch on a covered terrace, enjoying the last days of open air, that’s our plan.

There are plenty of nice places in Gradina Icoanei Park area; we love this part of Bucharest. Beautiful old houses guarded by old trees, friendly architecture and landscapes, quiet streets were you can just walk and forget about the usual rush of the city.

Hidden about a corner or on a narrow street there is a big chance for you to find an exquisite spot such as a teahouse, a garden, a bistro or a cozy café.

La Copac is a Bucharest traditional “gentlemen’s tavern” for gourmands on Pitar Mos St. (in the above mentioned area), serving fresh cooked meals with love and care for the act of cooking (and eating!).

“Copac” means “Tree”, as an impressive old mulberry tree is the landmark here, roofing the terrace, protecting and inspiring the new gentlemen of modern Bucharest. So people here always feel inspired by the Bohemian atmosphere; we’ve heard the most interesting “philosophical chats” over a glass of carefully selected wine (the menu recommends special sorts to go on each dish!).

La Copac organizes frequent culinary workshops (called “culinary archeology”) where the food is as good as the atmosphere.

We arrived at noon, guided by the barbecue smell. A young chef stirring a big pot just in front of our eyes, having the air of an experimented witch - this is an image hard to resist.

We took a seat on the wooden floor terrace, hiding from the rain and waiting for the last secret ingredients to be mixed together for the magic potion to be complete: beans sour soup (“ciorba”) with smoked meat. The menu of the day also included a top traditional gourmet main course: mutton mix (grilled pastrami and sausages) with “mamaliga” side dish (Romanian traditional boiled corn flour pasta) for the price of less than 9 Euros (soup and main course).

La Copac is also a great place to relax in the evening after a day at work, in the city centre yet far from the noisy Bucharest Old Centre… and it’s part, of course, of that “Bucharest underground” as we love to promote on Bucharest Tips!

La Copac is a place already tasted by Bucharest Tips team. If you are a gourmand, or the intellectual type who love to dig for “culinary archeology”, or you just love traditions and old-fashioned “joie de vivre” (that means you can chat for an hour without the help of your Smartphone) we strongly recommend you La Copac, a gentlemen place keen to good old habits.


Bucharest Best PizzaAugust 29, 2012

by Bucharest Tips

Interbellico is a small Italian bistro in the old but non-commercial centre of Bucharest (not THE Old Centre or Old Town, as usually displayed by the Bucharest city guides!), situated on a residential street with private villas and small buildings.


Entering Interbellico on a lazy afternoon, or even a mid-week evening will bring you the atmosphere of a warming home! You won’t hear the new pop rock songs nor the traditional “manele” (gypsy songs about money, love and enemies); there is also no chance to hear that “ambient” music released by some smart marketers in order to eat your designed food in a vogue manner… you’ll only hear old-enough-to-remember-your-childhood Italian songs and sometimes “Radio Romantic”, a radio channel broadcasting music from the eighties. And very important: you will still have room to have a conversation – I simply hate food places with loud music! The music simply harmonizes with the cozy warm design, old-fashioned wooden and fabric walls, together with old photos of ancient Bucharest.


Eventually you’ll order… the owner is always present there supervising the kitchen and the table areas (he even serves you nowadays) and from my experience I can tell he’s a nice guy (I trust everything is going as it should be in the kitchen as well…). I usually order Bolognese pizza (in the late years I found out how to make it spicier – asking for the owner to add plenty of pepperoni to it - so it became the best pizza ever tasted in Bucharest!). If you are into pizza, pasta, soups and salads – you just hit the place! Good for a group under six – as tables are large and have two wooden benches easily accommodating 4 to 6 people. And another important detail – it is not a beer branded pub – that means you have Romanian beers from several producers to choose – I hate branded places where you only find a range of beers from a single producer, usually the wrong but richer one! Prices are good, around 4 Euros for a pizza, big enough to suit even the most hungry of your friends. If you have a Bucharest guide, you are hungry and you want to take a deep breath in a quiet place just before starting to dig around for other Bucharest wonders, ask your guide to take you there. If not, check this site for the address; it’s really easy to get there from the Universitate Square.

Interbellico is a place already tasted by Bucharest Tips team. If you are a gourmand, or an old-fashioned, a safe and cozy person or a lazy bones type of guy, an experimentalist or just a hungry hipster, Interbellico could be a good choice for you.