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Concert Contrasts & Off The Hook On Tour!

Monday, March 24th, 2014 – 20:30


Question Mark

How much

15 LEI


Modern hardcore - hardcore-punk concert in Bucharest @ Question Mark

Monday, March 24, 20:30 CONTRASTS & Off The Hook On Tour!

OFF THE HOOK  (DE - Anchored Records)

OFF THE HOOK are a hardcore-band from Berlin, Germany. They´ve been around since 2008 and started off with the release of their first EP ''the best remains''. They play an aggressive style of hardcore without any „we´ll beat the shit out of you“- attitude. OFF THE HOOK released their first album, which is called “The Walk” on February 2013 on Anchored Records and Acuity Music.

CONTRASTS (DE- Anchored Records)

CONTRASTS is a five piece hardcore band from Munich founded early 2012 by former members of Closeline and With Open Arms.

After an early period of defining and refining their own style the band released a first demo tape in October 2012 which will be followed by a 5 song debut EP called “every second, every minute, every hour” in September 2013 on Anchored Records.

While combining the true passion and ethical beliefs of the mid 90ies with the raw musical energy of the early 2000's era, the band disapproves any elitist "not for you" attitude in today’s narrow minded, fashion oriented and ignorant world.

The fact that most of the members are already in their mid 30ies and therefore have taken different roles and responsibilities in the last two decades of the hardcore scene undeniably involves many various influences and additionally underlines the band’s musical and mental standpoint.

Differences should never be stronger than similarities, we are CONTRASTS, 2014

Entrance fee: 15 lei. Be there at 20:30.